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To fix your teeth from cavities, chips or cracks or even to reshape them in order to improve their size, shape or colour, we can restore them with a number of materials suitable for our mouths. 

We use tooth-coloured materials such as Composite Resin and Glass Ionomer Cements as well as metallic restorative materials such as Amalgam. 

The usual process is this:

  1. We prepare your tooth by roughening your tooth and removing any decay or weakened tooth structure with our special drills
  2. We create micro scratches in your tooth to allow for better bonding between your tooth and the restorative material. We do this chemically by applying a 37% orthophosphoric acid we refer to simply as “etch”
  3. Once washed and dried, we may apply some medication onto the base of the cavity to help protect your tooth and lessen post-op sensitivity. 
  4. We apply a “bond” which allows the filling material to better stick to the tooth. We set this clear liquid with our special blue LED light. 
  5. We place the appropriate filling material, shaping it to match the tooth. It usually is a shapeable paste or liquid that we set with our special blue LED light to harden it. 
  6. Finally we make sure the filling fits your “bite” by getting you to bite on a thin blue piece of paper that shows us any “high” spots. 

Please feel free to discuss with Dr. Jennifer Do if you have any questions about this process!

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