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About us

At our Liverpool practice, we are committed to offering the highest quality of dental services to our patients, which includes providing educational information that is critical for making the best decisions regarding oral health and treatment. Our doctors have your very best interests at heart.

Established in 1992, The Liverpool Dentist has been servicing the Liverpool area for over 30 years.

We provide all facets of general dentistry including comprehensive check up and cleans, fillings, root canal therapy, complex treatment planning and now orthodontics, clear aligners, anti-wrinkle injectables and implants.
Our staff are regularly trained to bring us up to date with the most effective oral care techniques and procedures, providing our patients with outstanding dental care.

We are best known for our care factor – we care about our patients.
Our team is like a family, and we extend that to our patients.
You can be assured that we take our time with your concerns and will present to you the best treatment plan based on your concerns, circumstances and budget.

We do not judge and we are honest.
We will let you know if treatment is unrealistic.
If we are unable to meet your oral care needs, we will make sure we can refer you on to the right person to meet your needs.

In 2019, The Liverpool Dentist underwent some renovations. We wanted our patients to be comfortable and proud of where they get their dental needs met – in a beautiful space that they can be proud to tell their family and friends about!

Our Team

Dr. Jennifer Do

Dr. Jennifer Do is the head dentist here at The Liverpool Dentist. She first joined in 2016 and under Dr McNeil’s wing, was groomed to take over The Liverpool Dentist by 2018.

Graduated from Australia’s best ranked dental school at The University of Adelaide, Jennifer is competent in all aspects of general dentistry and enjoys working with kids.

Unpretentious and honest, Dr Jennifer Do aims to provide the best care for her patients. She believes in educating patients about dental treatments and goes into details about the basics – aiming to help motivate patients to improve on their own oral hygiene by understanding the why.

Dr Jennifer Do particularly loves smile makeovers, facial injectables and skincare, orthodontics, tooth extractions and implant dentistry.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching the latest tv shows and movies, sculpture classes and hanging out with her adorable little kitties – Meeka and Pepper.

“If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?”
– Telekinesis – the ability to move things with my mind


Hi there! My name is M and I’ve been part of the team for over 10 years.

I enjoy helping people and make it my priority to help patients in any way possible to make their visit comfortable and easy, so that they walk out with a smile.
I am an easy going and hardworking person – you’ll find me both at the front desk booking your next appointment and sometimes helping out Dr Jennifer Do at the chair.

Outside of work, I am busy being a mother to my two daughters, whilst also looking for new yummy places to eat!

“What is your favourite movie?
Drop Dead Fred & Stepbrothers”


Hi there – I’m Alice and I’ve been part of the Liverpool Dentist family for over 20 years!

I am a proud mum of two, so family is very important to me. That’s why I love working at The Liverpool Dentist because here, we are a family – and will be here for all your family’s dental needs.
I am a kind and caring person and I’d always help anyone who needs it.

Other than at work, you might find me at the St John’s volunteer tent at your next event. Health is my passion!

“What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Our little friends

Noticed these cute little fairy doors in the surgery while getting your teeth cleaned?

This is infact a little addition for the tooth mouse – Ratoncito Perez – to get in and around to collect teeth from our littlest patients!

Don’t worry, there isn’t a real mouse roaming the practice! Ratoncito Perez is the Spanish, Hispanic and South American’s version of the tooth fairy!

Feel free to ask Alice or M about the origins – they both have south American heritage!

In Memoriam: Dr. Terrence McNeil 1947 – 2020

Dr. Terrence McNeil first established The Liverpool Dentist in 1992. He was a dentist with a colourful character with a strong personality. He built his practice by word of mouth – a testament to the quality of care and comfort he provided to his faithful patients. He is remembered fondly by us at The Liverpool Dentist, his wife Wally and his family as well as his many, many patients. We hope to honour him by continuing to provide the same quality service and care that he provided to his patients. Dentistry was his passion, as it is ours.

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